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Fidelity Account Services


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Fidelity Account Services is a licensed and bonded debt collection agency serving the educational and health care industries throughout Texas. As an aged receivables management company, Fidelity Account Services has over 20 years combined experience helping companies service, manage and collect delinquent debt.

Unlike most collection agencies, FAS has developed a comprehensive and unique collection process that provides debtors with additional resources to eliminate debt in an ethical and non threatening manner. Our unconventional process provides education and guidance to debtors in their quest to resolve delinquent debt while helping our customers collect overdue invoices. Our process provides a win/win scenario and enables companies to collect over due invoices while empowering debtors to resolve annoying debt responsibly.

Collectors at Fidelity Account Services must complete a rigorous collections training program that focuses on successful debt collection strategies and include debtor assistance to help debtors identify and secure multiple resources to resolve outstanding debt. Collectors are required to adhere to strict guidelines of professional and ethical conduct while engaged in debt collections practices. Senior collectors and managers are required to hold PCS certification while providing on going training to junior staff.

The management team at FAS is committed to providing successful and ethical debt collection services to most major universities and health care providers throughout Texas.

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