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Our Culture

At Fidelity Account Services, we understand the importance of creating a culture of success through a common Vision, Commitment and Core Values. These attributes will be the building blocks from which we are founded.

Our Common Vision

“To be considered the Premiere Debt Recovery Services firm serving the educational and health care provider industries in Texas by providing uncompromising service when resolving delinquent debt.”

Our Commitment

“To treat our client’s students, health care patrons and our associates with courtesy, respect and professionalism and to go the extra mile to provide assistance and empower them to succeed in resolving their debt.”

Our Core Values

There are six fundamental core values upon which our company operates.

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These core values are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Maturity
  • Family
  • Passion for our Business
  • Respect for our Clients and all Associates

While it is impossible to mandate adherence to values, we will not take them lightly as they remain quite tangible in virtually every facet of our company. Our values are the lens through which we will be expected to view things and how we will be viewed by our customers, our peers and our competitors. They are very practical in how they can be applied to our jobs.

These values provide a compass that guides us and ensures we conduct our business ethically, morally and responsibly. Our values help us balance our lives and bring a sense of community to our organization. A well-balanced work and family environment is critical to our company’s and our customer’s success. Creating a positive, respectful and fun work environment reduces stress and maintains a high level of energy that cultivates a culture of success.

Our corporate culture will be founded on these building blocks and we will be conscience of these core values when engaging students, associates and clients. Our reputation will be built on honesty, integrity, maturity, family, passion and respect. We must continually find ways to make our work fun and productive. Creating a positive and productive environment will enable us to better meet the demands and frustrations that occur every day. We will foster a healthy work environment that sets us apart from our competition and these core values will create a winning scenario, benefiting our customers, our employees and our communities.

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